About the GRE and TOEFL Requirements

If I cannot take the GRE by the deadline will my application still be considered?

GRE scores are usually available to us electronically approximately two weeks after the test date, provided Caltech has been listed as an official recipient of the score report. All applications, whether complete or not, will be reviewed by the Committee before final decisions are made.

What if my GRE/TOEFL score or GPA is below your cutoff, should I still apply?

There is no cutoff for GPAs, GREs or TOEFL scores that will prevent the Committee from reviewing your application. Top grades and excellent recommendations often take precedence over less than stellar GRE scores. Average GRE scores for successful applicants are Verbal 600, Quantitative 780, Analytic 760, Physics Subject 880. Students coming directly from non-English speaking countries are required to demonstrate proficiency in English via the TOEFL exam. A successful applicant's typical score might be 600 (250 for computer-based tests) and above, however, no minimum score is required.

Is the TOEFL required of all international applicants?

Students from non-English speaking countries who have been studying in the US or other English-speaking countries for a number of years, or students born in the US or other English-speaking countries who have been studying abroad and elect not to take (or retake) the TOEFL at the time of application to this program, will be considered for admission based on the current information available. No official waiver is required.