Degree Requirements for Admission

What are the degree requirements for admission to the physics graduate program?

The physics department does not usually consider applicants who already possess a Ph.D. Also, the M.S. degree is not necessary for admission into this program. Most of the applicants to this program are expecting the B.S. or B.A. degree to be awarded by their undergraduate institution after admission to this graduate program has been offered. Note that an official transcript documenting the award of an undergraduate degree is required prior to enrollment in the physics graduate program at Caltech.

What level of undergraduate preparation is necessary for admission?

Mechanics at about the level of Goldstein's Classical Mechanics; electromagnetism at the level of Reitz and Milford's Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory; atomic and nuclear physics at the level of R.B. Leighton's Modern Physics; introductory quantum mechanics at the level of Dicke and Wittke's Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, and advanced calculus at the level of T.M. Apostol's Mathematical Analysis.