Fall Arrivals

Physics Graduate Office—303 E. Bridge

  • Check in with Physics Graduate Office
  • Send email from Caltech address and include UID# from Caltech ID
  • All GTAs must meet with Prof. Frank Porter, Rm 348 Lauritsen, concerning TA assignments, and then meet with the assigned course instructor before classes begin
  • GRAs must seek out a faculty research advisor about a GRA position.  Your GRA salary will be paid by your faculty advisor. Your research group administrative assistant will issue desk assignment, keys & mail box, report this information to the PGO no later than October 1st so that funding can be arranged. 
  • Graduate students are paid near the end of each month for that month. Check the Payroll Calendar under Payday for exact dates. The first academic year payday is in late October, the last in late June, the summer pay period is July, August & September
  • Automatic payroll deposit is available through the Payroll Department, Human Resources Building (#84)
  • GTAs and fellowship recipients will be assigned a mailbox in Bridge Annex at mail code 103-33, GRAs may be assigned a mailbox in another area, be sure to notify the PGO of your office location, extension and mail code

Dean of Graduate Studies—230 Center for Student Services

  • Required forms and registration instructions will be available at check-in on Monday of General Orientation week
  • International Students must also report to the Office of International Student Programs (ISP) - 250 Center for Student Services (#87) to begin the social security application process

Registrar—125 Center for Student Services

  • Your course schedule card should be completed, signed and returned to the Registrar no later than the end of the second week of instruction to complete enrollment
  • Subsequent adds/drops are through the Registrar, registration for 2nd term and beyond are completed online through Regis

General Things You Should Know

  • It is extremely important to report any research advisor or group changes to the Physics Graduate Office
  • Automatic deposit of your paycheck is highly recommended, be sure to check your payroll deposit monthly in ACCESS and report any issues to the PGO right away
  • All incoming graduate students are required to attend the department orientation and safety training
  • All incoming graduate students are required to attend General Orientation
  • International students are also required to attend the International Orientation
  • Pick up ID card, required forms and registration instructions at check-in on Monday of General Orientation week