Mathematics Course Schedule 2014-15

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First Term


Second Term


Third Term

Ma 1a (Section 1)Freshman Mathematics
Ma 1aCalculus of One and Several Variables
Ma 2Differential Equations
Ma 5aIntroduction to Abstract Algebra
Ma/CS 6aIntroduction to Discrete Mathematics
Ma 8Problem Solving in Calculus
Ma 10Oral Presentation
Ma 17How to Solve It
Ma 92Senior Thesis
Ma 98Reading
Ma 108aClassical Analysis
Ma 109aIntroduction to Geometry and Topology
Ma 110aAnalysis, I
Ma/CS 117aComputability Theory
Ma 120aAbstract Algebra
Ma 121aCombinatorial Analysis
Ma 130aAlgebraic Geometry
Ma/ACM 142Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Ma 145aRepresentation Theory
Ma 147aDynamical Systems
Ma 148aTopics in Mathematical Physics
Ma 151aAlgebraic and Differential Topology
Ma 157aRiemannian Geometry
Ma 160aNumber Theory
Ma 290Reading
Ma 1b (Practical)Linear Algebra
Ma 1b (Analytic)Linear Algebra
Ma 1dSeries
Ma 3Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Ma 5bIntroduction to Abstract Algebra
Ma/CS 6bIntroduction to Discrete Mathematics
Ma 92bSenior Thesis
Ma 98Reading
Ma 108bClassical Analysis
Ma 109bIntroduction to Geometry and Topology
Ma 110bAnalysis, I
Ma 111aAnalysis, II
Ma/CS 117bComputability Theory
Ma 120bAbstract Algebra
Ma 121bCombinatorial Analysis
Ma 130bAlgebraic Geometry
Ma/ACM 144Probability
Ma 145bRepresentation Theory
Ma 147bDynamical Systems
Ma 148bTopics in Mathematical Physics
Ma 151bAlgebraic and Differential Topology
Ma 160bNumber Theory
Ma 191b (Section 1)Topics in Analysis and Geometry
Ma 191b (Section 2)Geometrical Paradoxes
Ma 191b (Section 3)Virtual Properties of 3-Manifolds
Ma 191b (Section 4)Mathematical and Computational Linguistics
Ma 290Reading
Ma 1c
Calculus of One and several Variables
Ma 1c
Vector Calculus
Ma 4Introduction to
Mathematical Chaos
Ma 5cIntroduction to
Abstract Algebra
Ma/CS 6cIntroduction to 
Discrete Mathematics
Ma 7Number Theory for
Ma 11Mathematical Writing
Fs/Ma 12Freshman Seminar
Ma 92cSenior Thesis
Ma 98Reading
Ma 108cClassical Analysis
Ma 109cIntroduction to Geometry
And Topology
Ma 110cAnalysis, I
Ma 111bAnalysis, II
Ma/Cs 117cComputability Theory
Ma 120c Abstract Algebra
Ma 130cAlgebraic Geometry
Ma 147cDynamical Systems

Ma 148c

Spectral Theory of Quantum Graphs

Ma 151cAlgebraic and
Differential Topology
Ma 160cNumber Theory
Ma 191c
Topics in 
Noncommutative Geometry
Ma 191c 
Section 2
Polynomial Method