People You Should Know

The (physgrad@caltech) Division Graduate Program Director can help with administrative issues that physics graduate students are likely to encounter at Caltech. Specifically for scheduling your written exams, oral candidacy exam and thesis defense, problems with funding or paychecks, when you join a research group or switch to a new research advisor, when your funding changes; ie if you receive an outside fellowship award or you need a teaching assignment, and if you move house or office.

Frank Porter (fcp@hep.caltech) Physics Option Representative: Frank monitors your academic progress and signs most of the graduate forms and petitions you are likely to encounter. Send a list of courses you wish to use in satisfaction of the advanced requirement to Frank for approval. Frank also assigns TA duties, contact Frank if you are interested in a teaching assignment.

Gil Refael (refael@caltech) Physics Executive Officer: Gil monitors graduate student policies in the department including the course and exam requirements. Gil will sign your forms and petitions if Frank is not available.  Gil also approves your oral candidacy exam and final thesis defense committee.