PhD & MS Degree Requirements—Advanced Requirement

The requirements for admission into candidacy and the PhD are 1) two terms of Ph 242 Physics Seminar and an attempt at both CP and QM written candidacy exams by the end of first year, 2) the basic requirement of both written exams and the advanced physics course requirements successfully completed by the end of second year, 3) the oral candidacy exam by the end of third year, 4) completed research project and thesis defense by the end of fifth year, or beyond with department approval. MS: Although the physics department does not admit graduate students to work towards the Master's of Science degree, one can be awarded upon request to physics students who have completed the written and oral candidacy examinations. Alternatively, the MS degree can be awarded to any Caltech graduate student in good standing upon satisfactory completion of a program approved by the option representative that fulfills the requirements as listed in the catalog of at least 135 units of coursework. Basically these requirements include 27 units of Ph125 abc or any quantum mechanics-based course, 81 units of physics electives, 27 units of other electives from physics or other options. All course substitutions must be approved online by the option representative.