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Staff Assignments

Non-Tenured Appointment Requests

Visitors, Visiting Associates, Postdoctoral Scholars, Instructors, and Research Assistant Professors


New Appointment Form (for Group Admin)

When communicating with a new person, please send them these links:

New Appointment Form (for Appointee)


Reappointment, Salary, Termination, or Title Change [Group Administrator]

Departing Faculty Arrangement (PDF)--to be completed for all terminations as well as transitions from one status to another (for example, when ending Visiting Associate Position and starting Visitor role)

Non-Student Guests (Forms required for on campus visits of more than 1 week, up to 2 years)

The following forms should be sent to Jessica Varlet

Guest Data Sheet (PDF)

Confidentiality Statement (PDF)

Patent and Copyright Agreement (PDF)

Graduate Student Visiting Programs

All Graduate Student Visitors will be processed through the PMA Student Programs Office, who will then submit everything to the Graduate Office. 
To start the process, please make a request here.

Visiting Student Classifications (Information at the Graduate Office website)

Visiting Student Request Form (PDF)

Undergraduate Student Visiting Programs

For more information on Undergraduate Student Visitors, please contact Meagan Heirwegh (Physics & Math) or Gita Patel (Astronomy)

SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)

Medical Consent for minors (PDF)

Student Hires


The following forms should be sent to Jessica Varlet

External Affiliates

The following forms should be sent to Jessica Varlet