Registration—Detached Duty & Leave of Absence

Students are required to be registered at all times for a minimum of 36 units. If a student not yet affiliated with a research group elects to drop a course and is not able to add research units, the student will be considered under-registered and will need to petition the Dean of Graduate Studies to be registered for fewer than 36 units. Alternatively, a student may add experimental or theoretical research or reading units to complete registration. Advanced students must be registered for 36 units of research. The student's advisor must approve registration for each term. Current registration for 36 units also applies to students on Detached Duty. If the thesis project requires a student to leave Caltech to perform research elsewhere for an extended period of time, a petition must be filed with the Dean of Graduate Studies with the tenure of Detached Duty status indicated. International students must contact the International Student Program office once the petition is approved so that the I-20 form is properly updated. Online registration is available the day after drop day for two weeks each term. A full list of Graduate Studies petitions can be found here.