Thesis Requirements

The Dean of Graduate Studies Office provides a package of information on writing a thesis, including things like forms and regulations. An unofficial LaTex style file has been around for some time. The Caltech Library maintains a comprehensive website regarding thesis submission topics.

MASTER'S DEGREE:  Although the physics department does not admit graduate students to work towards the Master's of Science, one can be awarded upon request to physics students who have completed the written and oral candidacy examinations.  Alternatively, the MS degree can be awarded to any Caltech graduate student in good standing upon satisfactory completion of a program approved by the option representative that fulfills the requirements as listed in the catalog.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:  Many students who defend during third term are not aware that Caltech is only able to pay them as graduate students through the end of the term in which they defend.  Students who defend during 3rd term will receive their last graduate student paycheck at the end of June for that month. If you are on a student visa, and plan to stay on campus as a postdoc or research staff, you must contact the International Scholar Services Office at least three months before you defend to remain in correct visa status after you are no longer eligible for a student visa. Failure to update your visa may result in the need to leave the US and re-enter on a new visa in order to continue working beyond graduation. You must also notify the PGO of your future employment start date well in advance of the June payroll date. Graduate and post-doctoral assignments cannot overlap. This is especially urgent for international students and could cause visa issues.

THESIS DEFENSE: Scheduling the thesis defense is similar to the oral candidacy exam scheduling process in Regis.  If you wish to use a conference room in East Bridge, you must send an email request to the PMA Student Programs Office. You should include the specific information regarding your exam listed on the thesis defense page.  It is very important to notify the PGO well in advance of your defense date so that your financial aid can be terminated in a timely manner, otherwise you will need to refund the overpaid graduate student salary. BEFORE YOU LEAVE CALTECH, PLEASE INFORM THE PMA STUDENT PROGRAMS OFFICE OF YOUR FORWARDING ADDRESS AND EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION USING THE FORWARDING ADDRESS FORM (pdf(doc)