Your Graduate Teaching Assistantship (TA)

TAs are paid at the standard teaching rate during the nine month academic year. TAs are paid from Institute funds not associated with any particular faculty member, however, the standard TA rate is ~85% of your total monthly salary.  Your advisor is responsible for a GRA supplement to bring your monthly salary up to the Dean's minimum rate. If there is a need for additional TAs, it may be possible for students to take on additional TA duties for additional pay with the advisor's approval. Incoming TAs are supplemented with a small departmental fellowship during the first academic year and a reading fellowship over the summer, which requires the student to remain on campus over the summer and be registered with a faculty member for 36 units of research or a reading course.  Beyond the first year TAs with no advisor are not supplemented by the department, and are expected to have an advisor who can provide a supplemental GRA salary over the academic year as well as the summer.  TAs are paid near the end of each month for that month beginning with October. Second term TAs begin in January through March. Third term TAs are paid from April through the end of June. The last TA payday is in late June. TA salaries may increase with specific course duties. Contact the physics department option representative Frank Porter if you are interested in a teaching assignment.