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Friday, May 03, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Cahill 370

TAPIR Seminar

The NICER mission and the Nanohertz Gravitational Wave Sky
Andrea Lommen, Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Haverford College,

NASA's Neutron Star Interior Composition ExploreR (NICER) has been flying on the International Space Station for almost two years now. I'll show the latest results from our mass-radius studies of neutron stars, the space navigation experiment SEXTANT, and pulsar rotational stability measurements. The latter are folded into new techniques my group is developing to improve NANOGrav's ability to detect nanohertz gravitational waves, including a potential new way to search for single sources of gravitational waves using known distances to pulsars. [NOTE: Unusual venue]

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