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Math Degree Requirements

Please refer to the Caltech Catalog (Section 3, Information for Undergrads) for detailed information about the core institute degree requirements. The information below outlines the course requirements for an undergraduate math degree which are above and beyond the core institute requirements.

Degree Requirements

  1. Ma 2.
  2. Ma 3 or Ma 144a 
  3. Either Ph 2bc or Ph 12abc (the department recommends Ph 12abc
  4. Ma 5 abc, Ma 10, Ma 108 abc, Ma 109 abc
  5. Ma/CS 6 a or Ma 121 a
  6. Ma/CS 6 c or Ma 116 a or Ma/CS 117 a
  7. 45 additional units in Ma numbered 110 or above or ACM numbered 95 or above. Courses in other options with high mathematical content may be used to fulfill this requirement with the approval of the executive officer for mathematics. Of these 45 units, at most 18 can be in ACM or other courses outside Ma. Math courses taken elsewhere and allowed (such as in a study abroad program) are included in this 18 units outside of Caltech Ma courses.  
  8. Math majors must take two quarters (18 units) of a single course, chosen from the Ma course listings with numbers between 110 and 190, inclusive. (In years where one of these courses is given as a one-term course only, it cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.) These two quarters may be used to meet requirements 2, 5, 6 or 7
  9. Unlike courses satisfying requirements 7 and 8, which may be taken pass/fail, none of the courses satisfying requirements 1–6 may be taken on a pass/fail basis.
  10. Passing grades must be earned in a total of 486 units, including the courses listed above.