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Nan Lu

Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate in Physics
Nan Lu outside
Contact information for Nan Lu
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Mail Code: MC 256-48
Office: Off Site: Cern (Switzerland)
Phone: 626-395-1286
Research Areas: Physics

Research Interests

Nan Lu works on the CMS experiment at the LHC. For the physics analysis, Nan Lu focuses on studies in the Higgs sector, including searching for the Higgs boson decaying to two muons and double-Higgs production in which one Higgs boson decaying into two bottom quarks and the other decaying into two photons. Nan Lu also participates in the MIP timing detector R&D for the CMS Phase II upgrade in areas of test beam and lab measurements, physics impact studies from including timing information at Level-1 trigger. In addition, Nan Lu has been leading the development of a new calibration method for the HCAL Phase I Endcap Detector using muon signals and serving as the HCAL calibration group convener in 2018-2019.