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Peter Smillie

Harry Bateman Instructor in Mathematics
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B.S., Stanford University, 2011; Ph.D., Harvard University, 2018. Caltech 2019-21.
Research Areas: Mathematics

Research Interests

My research is in differential geometry, Teichmuller theory, and geometric structures. I am also interested in general relativity and other connections to physics.


Ma 109 abc. Introduction to Geometry and Topology. 9 units (3-0-6): first, second, third terms. Prerequisites: Ma 2 or equivalent, and Ma 108 must be taken previously or concurrently. First term: aspects of point set topology, and an introduction to geometric and algebraic methods in topology. Second term: the differential geometry of curves and surfaces in two- and three-dimensional Euclidean space. Third term: an introduction to differentiable manifolds. Transversality, differential forms, and further related topics. Instructors: Smillie, Park.

Selected Publications

  1. Complete CMC hypersurfaces in Minkowski (n+1)-space.
    (with F. Bonsante and A. Seppi). Arxiv: 1912.05477. Submitted.
  2. Entire surfaces of constant curvature in Minkowski 3-space. (with F. Bonsante and A. Seppi). Math. Ann. 374 (2019), 1261-1309.
  3. On the bordification of outer space. (with K.-U. Bux, K. Vogtmann). J. London Math Soc. 98, Issue 1 (2018), 12-34.
  4. The number of convex triangulations of the sphere by triangles, squares, or hexagons. (with P. Engel). Geom. Topology. 22, No. 5 (2018), 2839-2864.