Caltech's mathematics program brings together faculty, researchers, and students who have a breadth of interests and expertise in the use and analysis of numbers, and who are interested in collaborating with colleagues across fields to solve some of the most complicated problems of our time. Members of the mathematics faculty conduct research at the intersection of fields ranging from mathematical physics to geometry and topology. They are renowned for their insights in the areas of algebra and mathematical logic; have won top honors for their work in analysis, number theory, and geometry; and have authored texts about mathematical analysis that are considered foundational to the field.

The department supports roughly 17 faculty, 67 undergraduates, 34 graduate students and 9 postdoctoral scholars and instructors annually.

The mathematics academic program offers opportunities for study at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Both programs are aimed at fostering independent thinking and preparing students for careers in research.

Dinakar Ramakrishnan, Executive Officer (aka Department Chair)
Tom Graber, Graduate Option Representative
Nets Katz, Undergraduate Option Representative
Stacey V. Croomes, Department Administrator


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AMS reminisces about Prof. Barry Simon, Part I
Prof. Vladimir Markovic and Prof. Anton Kapustin named Simons Investigators
15th Annual Wolff Memorial Lecture
34th Annual Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture
Dr. Dinakar Ramakrishnan named 2016 Simons Fellow in Mathematics

Dr. Ramakrishnan will use this Fellowship during his sabbatical leave for three
quarters during 2016-17. Specifically at Princeton University in the Fall of 2016, at
the MSRI, Berkeley, and EPFL, Switzerland, during the Winter and Spring of

Dr. Barry Simon awarded 2016 Leroy P. Steele Prize
N+8th southern California Topology Colloquium
Workshop on Surface Group Representations
34th Annual Western States
Logic in Southern California
25th Annual Charles R. DePrima Lecture
Taussky-Todd Memorial Lecture
Barry Simon Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Nets Katz receives Clay Research Award
Chris Ormerod aids Biologist in obesity study
Barry Simon wins MTA International Bolyai Prize
Stanislav Smirnov named Caltech Distinguished Alumni
Dr. Xinwen Zhu recieves 2015 Sloan Research Fellowship

Dr. Xinwen Zhu featured on Caltech Today
Mathematics Department Ranked 7th by US News
Professor Vlad Markovic elected Fellow of Royal Society

Distinguished Visitors

Anna Wienhard (Winter 2015-16)

Joseph Bernstein (Fall 2014-15)

Jorgen Andersen (AY 15-16)

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