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Mental Math and Life Stories

Hamed Hamze (MS ’10) uses math to study how people make decisions. As a graduate student in economics, he models scenarios ranging from the hypothetical to real-world social choices such as voting.
Hamed Hamze

The Mathematics of Flow

Whitney Clavin
New Caltech professor Philip Isett uses math to understand the chaotic nature of fluids.
Philip Isett

NSF Director France Córdova to Speak at Caltech's 125th Commencement Ceremony

Davin Malasarn
The distinguished astrophysicist, director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), and Caltech alumna (PhD '79), will give the keynote speech at Caltech's 2019 Commencement ceremony on June 14.
Headshot of France Córdova

Breaking New Ground in Exoplanet Imaging

Whitney Clavin
Cutting-edge instrument using optical interferometry reveals details of a storm-wracked exoplanet.
Artist's impression of the exoplanet in study.

LIGO and Virgo Resume Search for Ripples in Space and Time

Whitney Clavin
The hunt continues for extreme events in the cosmos, such as collisions between black holes.
Engineers working on LIGO upgrades

Nets Katz Named 2019 Simons Fellow

Whitney Clavin
Mathematics professor Nets Katz plans to use his Simons Fellowship for a sabbatical at Indiana University Bloomington.
Nets in front of green background

Fireflies, Heartbeats, and the Science of Sync

Whitney Clavin
New experiments in the "science of sync" may ultimately lead to improved tools for controlling power grids and heart arrhythmias.
Picture of fireflies flashing in unison.

Caltech Announces the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Caltech has announced five recipients of this year's Distinguished Alumni Award.
photo of the Distinguished Alumni Award medal

Seeking Order in Chaos

Whitney Clavin
Maksym Radziwill is fascinated by the question of randomness versus determinism.

Live Stream: Kip Thorne's Watson Lecture

Watch Kip Thorne's February 27, 2019 Watson Lecture
Kip Thorne