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KAGRA to Join LIGO and Virgo in Hunt for Gravitational Waves

Whitney Clavin
KAGRA, LIGO, and Virgo will team up to detect gravitational waves.
Photos of KAGRA, LIGO, and Virgo.

Gravitational-wave Harmony

Whitney Clavin
Summer student Mahlet Shiferaw is studying higher-order modes of gravitational waves
Mahlet Shiferaw

LIGO and Virgo Detect Neutron Star Smashups

Whitney Clavin
The triple detectors of LIGO and Virgo have spotted five new gravitational-wave signals since turning back on.
Artwork of neutron stars.

LIGO and Virgo Resume Search for Ripples in Space and Time

Whitney Clavin
The hunt continues for extreme events in the cosmos, such as collisions between black holes.
Engineers working on LIGO upgrades

LIGO Receives New Funding to Search for More Extreme Cosmic Events

Whitney Clavin
The NSF is awarding Caltech and MIT $20.4 million to upgrade LIGO, with additional funding coming from the United Kingdom and Australia.
Engineers installing Advanced LIGO upgrades.

When Black Holes Collide

Whitney Clavin
Using machine-learning programs, physicists have created a precise model for the end state of black hole collisions.
simulated picture of two merging black holes

Dying Star Emits a Whisper

Lorinda Dajose
The unexpectedly gentle death of a massive star suggests that it was being robbed by a dense companion lurking out of sight.
Three panels illustrating the life of a supernova

Superfast Jet Observed Streaming Away from Stellar Collision

Elise Cutts
An international team of researchers, including two Caltech scientists, observed a superfast jet of material from a neutron star collision.
Artist's impression of neutron star merger

Yanbei Chen Named Simons Investigator

Whitney Clavin
Professor of Physics Yanbei Chen has been named a Simons Investigator for his work on gravitational-wave physics.
Yanbei Chen

American Physical Society Names LIGO Labs as Historic Sites

Whitney Clavin
The American Physical Society (APS) has designated the two LIGO facilities historic physics sites.
aerial photo of the LIGO facility in Livingston, Louisiana
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