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CS + Social Good

Jennifer Torres-Siders
Through TechReach, a new student club, Caltech undergrads aim to use tech skills to address social problems
Students Andrew Hess, Myra Cheng, and Nivetha Karthikeyan, founders of the TechReach club, sit in the Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology.

Students Receive 2019 Awards

Emily Velasco
Outstanding students from many disciplines have been presented with awards for their achievements.
A portrait of several students who won the 2019 Robert L. Noland Leadership Award

For Caltech Scholarship Recipients, Opportunities Abound

At the Institute’s annual scholarship reception on May 19, Caltech President Thomas F. Rosenbaum introduced a panel of four students who reflected on the difference this support has made in their lives.
Scholarship brunch panelists with moderator Kevin Gilmartin

Academic Regalia: The Colors of Commencement

Megan Hazle
The academic regalia worn by graduates at commencement dates back many centuries, with the gown's cut and velvet trimming indicating academic rank, and tassels, cords, and medallions denoting various honors.
Photo showing the different types of academic regalia worn by graduating Caltech students.

Electrical Engineering Major Wins NPSC Fellowship

Robert Perkins
Caltech senior Meera Krishnamoorthy has received a fellowship from the National Physical Science Consortium

In Situ and Out of Context

In search of inspiration for a senior research project on an opportunistic pathogen, Caltech junior and biology major Jade Livingston assembled an ad hoc think tank of physics and engineering students.
Jade Livingston

Science-Driven Plays Take Center Stage at Pasadena Playhouse

Jon Nalick
Mixing science and theater, Caltech's MACH 33 festival surges in prominence.
Poster art of astronaut on moon

Geobiology Student Selected for a Fulbright

Robert Perkins
Geobiology student Elise Cutts is headed to Denmark hoping to unravel a mystery about the oxygenation of Earth's oceans.
Elise Cutts

Exploring Environmental Solutions through Natural Sciences, Arts, and Culture

Lori Dajose
Senior Michelle Dan has received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to study how biodiversity, art, agriculture, and indigenous cultures around the planet will inform human-caused environmental change.
Michelle Dan

Two New Tours of the Caltech Campus

Caltech has developed two new tours to help people on and off campus get to know the lay of the land and learn about different aspects of the community.
Photo of the Gene Pool