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Male and Female Mice Have Different Brain Cells

Lori Dajose
Scientists discover that a brain region known to control sex and violence contains rare cell types that differ in male versus female mice.
Conceptual image of male and female cells

Matt Thomson Named a Packard Fellow

Lori Dajose
Thomson, a computational biologist, will receive $875,000 in flexible funding over five years from the Packard Foundation.
Matt Thomson

Expanding Neuroscience's Toolkit

Lori Dajose
Optogenetics, the technique of manipulating individual neurons with light in order to study the brain, gets a futuristic upgrade with the help of machine learning and blood-brain-barrier crossing vectors.
Illustration of a protein

Researchers Make It Possible for Ultrasound to Reveal Gene Expression in the Body

Emily Velasco
Mikhail Shapiro's lab develops technique for imaging mammalian gene expression with ultrasound for the first time by combining human bacteria and virus DNA
An artist's representation of a cell with gas-filled vesicles inside.

A Conversation with Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

Lori Dajose
The most recent addition to the BBE faculty discusses studying the earliest stages of embryonic development, writing a book, and mentoring women in science.
Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

How Memories Form and Fade

Lori Dajose
Caltech researchers identify the neural processes that make some memories fade rapidly while other memories persist over time.
memory neurons

Settling the Debate on Serotonin's Role in Sleep

Lori Dajose
New research finds that serotonin is necessary for sleep, settling a long-standing controversy.
Stock image of a person sleeping next to an alarm clock

Gut Bacteria Influence Autism-like Behaviors in Mice

Lori Dajose
Caltech researchers have discovered that gut bacteria directly contribute to autism-like behaviors in mice.
Artist depiction of bacteria in the gut.

Being Refreshed Is Not The Same As Being Hydrated

Emily Velasco
Researchers in the lab of Yuki Oka discover that multiple signals from the throat and the gut contribute to alleviating thirst.
A man cups his hands under a pipe to catch and drink water.

Anxious People Quicker to Flee Danger

Whitney Clavin
By better understanding anxiety circuits in our brains, researchers may learn what goes awry in people with anxiety disorders.
Picture of a tiger