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Admissions and Financial Support

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All applications are submitted online at the Graduate Studies Office and are due by December 15 for the following academic year.

Important graduate admissions update: We will NOT be accepting GRE General or GRE Math Subject scores for the entering cohort of Fall 2023. Please do not indicate these scores anywhere on your application. This statement overrides any mention of the GRE you may find on our website.

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The Math Graduate Admissions Committee will review the applications, and recommendations for admission are sent to the Graduate Studies Office. The official offer of admission comes from the Graduate Studies Office via email though the online application system, generally during the month of February. Students must respond to our offer by April 15th.

Please visit the Graduate Office for Frequently Asked Questions regarding admissions.

Financial support for math graduate students is guaranteed for 5 years, provided the student is making satisfactory academic progress. Students are generally supported by a Graduate Teaching Assistantship for the academic months (October - June) and either by a Graduate Research Assistantship or  math department fellowship for the summer months (July - September). All assistantships and fellowships include a full tuition grant and monthly stipend to cover living expenses. All support is independent of whether the student is domestic or international. Graduation is expected by June of the 5th year of study, so financial support is not covered for the summer after the 5th year. 

There are special fellowship for students who meet certain criteria, and the department will work with students to apply for such funding opportunties. Examples of criteria include US citizens, female, under represented minorities, and/or Southern California residents.