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PMA Graduate Student Advisory Board

The PMA graduate student advisory board advises the division on topics that are important to students, shares feedback, and helps provide insights and planning for future and ongoing student programming. Members of the board represent a mixture of research disciplines and stages of graduate education. The board meets with the Graduate Program Director and Graduate Affairs Coordinator approximately once a month and with the PMA Chair approximately once a term.


Meetings and Minutes

Minutes from AY 2020-2021 meetings:

March 2021

January 2021

December 2020

November 2020

For archived minutes from previous meetings, please click here

Committee Members



Graduate Student - Sean Pike

Sean Pike

G5 with Fiona Harrison

Tamir Hemo Photo

Tamir Hemo

G4 with Xinwen Zhu

Yuping Huang, astronomy graduate student

Yuping Huang

G3 with Gregg Hallinan
Nikita Kamraj, Astronomy graduate student

Nikita Kamraj

G5 with Fiona Harrison

PMA Staff

Nam Ung, PMA Director of Student Programs

Nam Ung

PMA Student Programs Director
Mika Walton

Mika Walton

PMA Graduate Affairs Coordinator