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Thursday, May 30, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Online and In-Person Event

High Energy Physics Seminar

Effective field theory treatment of the freeze-out mechanism of thermal non-relativistic dark matter pairs
Gramos Qerimi, Tech Univ Munich (TUM),

For a quantitative investigation on the time evolution of heavy thermal dark matter particles at and after thermal freeze-out, close-to-threshold processes need to be taken into account which have a large impact on the observed dark matter relic abundance. Our aim is to study the recoil effect of kinetically equilibrated dark matter pairs in a thermal medium and compute the leading center-of-mass recoil corrections to the near-threshold observables in the laboratory frame within the framework of potential non-relativistic effective field theories at finite temperature.  Moreover, we address the impact of the thermal Debye mass, and for the considered hierarchies of energy scales, we highlight the relative corrections due to the recoil and the resummation of the Debye mass scale on the present dark matter energy density.

The talk is in 469 Lauritsen.

Contact [email protected] for Zoom link.