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Fernando Brandao

Bren Professor of Theoretical Physics
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B.Sc., Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, 2004; M.Sc., 2005; Ph.D. Imperial College London, 2008. Bren Professor, Caltech, 2016-.
Research Areas: Physics

Fernando Brandão's research is focused on quantum information science. He explores the interplay of physics, computer science and mathematics to study the role of quantum mechanics in computation and information transmission. He is also interested in the application of tools and concepts of quantum information to other branches of science, such as quantum many-body theory, complexity theory and thermodynamics/statistical mechanics. In recent years he has been exploring several directions in entanglement theory, from understanding the relation between entanglement and other physical properties (such as correlation length) in quantum many-body systems, to developing a sharper understanding of fundamental properties of entanglement such as its monogamous character (with applications in quantum cryptography, quantum Hamiltonian complexity, and even in convex optimisation).