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Nikolai Makarov

Richard Merkin Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
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B.A., Leningrad University, 1982; Ph.D., LOMI Mathematics Institute (Leningrad), 1986. Visiting Professor, Caltech, 1991; Professor, 1991-13; Merkin Professor, 2013-.
Research Areas: Mathematics

Nik works in complex analysis and related fields (potential theory, harmonic analysis, spectral theory) as well as on various applications to complex dynamics, mathematical conformal field theory, Coulomb gas models and random matrices.

His most recent work concerns topology of quadrature domains, Hele-Shaw flows, uncertainty principle for non-linear Fourier transform, universality laws and field convergence in normal random matrix ensembles, dynamics of Schwarz reflection as the mating of Kleinian groups and rational maps, classical function theory on compact Riemann surfaces via Liouville conformal field theory,