Math 191 abc

Fall term

Section 1 - Linear Orders (Ervin)

Prerequisites: Ma 5 or equivalent, or instructor's permission. 

Description: This course is an introduction to the structure theory and combinatorics of infinite linear orders. Topics include Cantor's characterization of the order type of the rational numbers, Hausdorff's inductive characterization of the scattered orders, Dushnik-Miller and Sierpinski's exploration of suborders of the real line, Morel's results on the arithmetic of order types, Laver's proof that the sigma-scattered orders are well-quasi-ordered by embeddability, Todorcevic's construction of Aronszajn and Countryman lines via his method of minimal walks, and Baumgartner's and Moore's basis theorems for uncountable linear orders in the presence of strong forcing axioms. 

Winter term

Section 1      Dr. Song

Section 2      Dr. Makarov

Spring term

Section 1      Dr. Schüelke

Section 2      Dr. Isett