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Taussky-Todd Memorial Lecture Series

Professors John Todd and Olga Taussky-Todd made significant, lasting contributions to the Department of Mathematics over their combined decades at the Institute as well as through their generosity. One such contribution was the endowment of the Taussky-Todd Distinguished Visitors position. Taussky-Todd Distinguished Visitors are invited to give a colloquium during their time at Caltech known as the Taussky-Todd Memorial Lecture in Mathematics.

2024 - Christopher Skinner

"Extensions and the Twice-punctured Sphere"

2019 - Philippe Michel

"L-functions, moments and subconvexity"

2015 - Nikolai Nikolski

"In a Shadow of the Riemann Hypothesis: Approximation Problems on the Hilbert Multidisc"

2014 - Joseph Bernstein

"Convexity and Suberconvexity bounds for automorphic periods and Representation Theory I"

"Convexity and Subconvexity bounds for automorphic periods II"

"Stacks in Representation Theory: What is a continuous representation of an algebraic group?"

"Periods and global invariants of automorphic representation"

2007 - Richard Varga

"Geršgorin and His Circles"

Olga Taussky Todd