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About Teaching Assistantships (TAs)

Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) are paid at the Institute 15 hour week rate during the nine month academic year only, from Institute funds specifically allocated to each department, and monitored by the faculty option representative. Beyond the second year, additional full or part time TA duties may be combined with other awards such as unrestricted fellowships, current TAs or GRAs, with the advisor's approval, and are assigned by the faculty option representative. The rate of pay is determined by duties corresponding with a specific course and experience.  TAs are required to have a small GRA supplement to bring their monthly stipend up to the Dean's minimum for the year.  TAs are usually assigned in mid to late summer by term. If your graduate student will be expected to obtain support via a teaching assignment rather than, or in conjunction with a research assistantship for any or all three academic terms, please inform the student as well as the option representative and the Physics Graduate Office well in advance of the beginning of term. Teaching positions and funds are extremely limited and are assigned based on experience and need beginning in July for 1st term. If you know your student will require a teaching assistantship for first term, please let us know as soon as possible.