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Wednesday, December 08, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
East Bridge 114

Quantum Matter Seminar

Ultracold molecules as clocks and sensors
Kon H. Leung, Physics, Columbia University,

Molecules are ubiquitous in natural phenomena and their rich spectra offer a glimpse of physics beyond the current paradigm. To this end, extensive efforts are underway to realize the same immaculate level of quantum state control for molecules as was achieved for atoms. Taking inspiration from atomic lattice clocks, here we demonstrate its molecular analog with diatomic strontium and observe Laporte forbidden vibrational transitions with quality factors exceeding a trillion. Combined with the rich molecular degrees of freedom, this exquisite spectroscopic precision allows for in-situ Raman carrier thermometry, magnetometry, and facilitates the exploration of the quantum chemistry of this van der Waals dimer. As an illustrative example, we report the first creation of ultracold strontium dimers in the absolute rovibronic ground state and study bimolecular collisions with spinless reactants.

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