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Friday, April 15, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
East Bridge 114

IQIM Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Seminar

Deterministic Generation of 2D Photonic Cluster States by a Single Quantum Emitter
Vinicius Ferreira, Graduate Student, Painter Group,

IQIM Seminar followed by lunch

Abstract: Multidimensional photonic graph states, such as cluster states, have prospective applications in quantum metrology, secure quantum communication, and measurement-based quantum computation. However, to date, generation of multidimensional cluster states of photonic qubits has relied on probabilistic methods that limit the scalability of typical generation schemes in optical systems. By leveraging superconducting circuits, I present an experimental implementation in the microwave domain of a resource-efficient scheme for the deterministic generation of 2D photonic cluster states. By utilizing a coupled resonator array as a slow-light waveguide, a single flux-tunable transmon qubit as a quantum emitter, and a second auxiliary transmon as a switchable mirror, we achieve rapid, shaped emission of entangled photon wavepackets, and effect time-delayed feedback within the waveguide between previously emitted photons and the emitter qubit. We leverage these capabilities to generate a 2D cluster state of four photons with 70% fidelity, as verified by tomographic reconstruction of the quantum state. I end with discussion on how our scheme could be straightforwardly extended to generation of even larger multidimensional cluster states, thereby enabling utilization of such states for quantum information processing techniques in the microwave domain.

Attendees joining in person must have a valid Caltech UID. Please show your UID at the door [114 E. Bridge].

This seminar will be held in person only.

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