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FERPA Waivers

Please see the registrar's website for info on what FERPA is, then complete your FERPA Form

All students taking a math or physics course in 2019-2020 are required to fill out a FERPA waiver. You may choose to waive FERPA for all, some or none of your classes this year.

Waiving FERPA means that your graded work can be placed in a public location (hallway, homework pickup box etc.) for you to pick up. If you choose not to waive FERPA, you will need to pick up your work from your TA, instructor, or Freddy Mora's office (156 Linde) depending on the course.

You only need to fill out 1 FERPA waiver for the 2019-2020 school year. Please return the completed waiver via email to
 or in the FERPA dropbox in Linde Hall, same location as math homework drop boxes. 

You may chose to revoke your FERPA waiver at any time by contacting the PMA Student Office at