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FERPA Waivers

Please see the registrar's website for info on what FERPA is, then complete your FERPA Form.

All students taking a math or physics course in 2022-2023 are required to fill out a FERPA waiver. You may choose to waive FERPA for all, some or none of your classes this year.

Waiving FERPA means that your graded work can be placed in a public location (hallway, homework pickup box etc.) for you to pick up. If you choose not to waive FERPA, you will need to pick up your work from your TA, instructor, or Belen Maria's office (156 Linde) depending on the course.

You only need to fill out 1 FERPA waiver for the current school year. The system can be accessed as follows:

1.      Go to access.caltech

2.      Click the PMA FERPA Waiver Reports tool (should be listed under Academic Services)

3.      Follow through the quick and easy steps, as described in the attached file provided by IMSS, to submit your FERPA waiver form for AY 22-23.

For any questions regarding the PMA FERPA, contacting the Belen Maria, PMA's Undergraduate Affairs and Course Coordinator at belenmh (at)