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NSF Research Fellowships Awarded to Caltech Students and Alumni

Each year, the National Science Foundation (NSF) selects students to receive Graduate Research Fellowships that fund three years of graduate study in master's or doctoral programs including research in science or engineering. This year, 24 current Caltech students and 17 recent alumni have received these fellowships.

The Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GFRP) is designed "to help ensure the quality, vitality, and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce of the United States," and to "broaden participation of the full spectrum of diverse talents in STEM."

The Caltech seniors awarded fellowships in 2024 are Michael Bregar, Virginia Canestraight, Stephanie Chen, Carlos Aguilar, Sarah Hashash, Neil Janwani, Maisha Khanum, Jules Penot, Raha Riazati, Amy Vo, and Tomas Wexler.

Current Caltech graduate students named as fellowship recipients in 2024 are Nicolas Anderson (geology), Chiara Berruto (biology), Adrian de Almenara (chemistry), Nathan Friede (chemistry), Eugene Li (chemical engineering), Alex Pavelic (chemistry), Erin Pimentel (geology), Nimisha Ramprasad (applied physics), Scott Schwartz (physics), Theresa Tsaggaris (mechanical engineering), Tristan Villanueva (mechanical engineering), Michael Yusov (chemical engineering), and Jocelyn Zhang (chemistry).

Caltech alumni selected for NSF graduate research fellowships are Jedidiah Alindogan (BS '23), Tyler Colenbrander (BS '23), Daniel Delgado (BS '21), Wei Foo (BS '23), Chan Kim (BS '22), Anna Lapteva (BS '23), Anna Li (BS '23), Mohini Misra (BS '23), Tawny Sit (BS '20), Shiva Sreeram (BS '23), Zane Taylor (BS '22), Allyson Trussell (BS '21), Albert Tseng (BS '21), Aditi Venkatesh (BS '23), Iman Wahle (BS '20), Jennifer Wu (BS '22), and Kevin Yu (BS '22). They either are or will be attending graduate research programs at Stanford, the University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, MIT, Ohio State, Arizona State, Cornell, Harvard, and Princeton.

Information on applying for the GRFP can be found at

Written by Cynthia Eller

Cynthia Eller