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PTA Changes & Labor Adjustments on GRA Salaries

All physics graduate student salary information including labor adjustments and pay rate changes are to be made through the Physics Graduate Office (PGO). Graduate students are paid near the end of the month for that current month, the salary will appear in OGM between the 22nd and the 24th. Please see the monthly payroll schedule for important dates. The PTA supporting a Grad Assistantship salary that has not yet costed in OGM requires only a schedule line update to change the funding source by noon the day before the payroll costing date. To do this please provide the Physics Grad Office (PGO) with the name of the student, the "from" PTA, the "to" PTA, the effective dates of the change or new end-date for current PTA, the monthly dollar amount or %, and the end-date of the receiving award.

Labor changes on Grad Assistantship salaries that have already costed in OGM but are not beyond 90 days, require a retroactive adjustment. To do this please send an email to the PGO which includes a justification answering the appropriate questions from the Cost Transfer Form, as well as the current and new PTAs including end-date, and the effective dates of the change.

Labor changes beyond 90 days on federal accounts require a completed Cost Transfer Form approved by the PI and the Division Chair, and is to be completed online and sent directly to Federal Accounting. Please note that your retroactive labor adjustment request will be submitted online through the PGO but cannot be processed by Federal Accounting until the Cost Transfer Form has been completed online.