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C.S. Shastry Prize Winners

The C.S. Shastry Prize in Physics will support a research fellowship for one sophomore undergraduate student conducting research in physics during the summer quarter under the guidance of a Caltech faculty member. The recipient will be nominated by a faculty member based on criteria valued by Professor Shastry: passion for the subject, curiosity about nature, and demonstrated ability. Preferably, the Awardee shall be a student majoring in physics who has completed Caltech's Physics 11 course, and who intends to pursue a research career in physics. The prize is made possible by a gift from Dr. Murali Sharma, a Caltech alumnus who received his Ph.D. in Physics in 1993. 

2023 - Adele Basturk

2022 - Patill Daghlian

2021 - Jin Ming Koh

2020 - Adrian Lopez

2019 - Tina Zhang

2018 - Dennis Yatunin

2017 - Walker Melton