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France A. Córdova Graduate Student Fund Recipients

The France Córdova Graduate Student Fund provides resources for one to three graduate students annually to support research-related expenses. Preference shall be given to student(s) studying broadly in areas in which Professors Gerry Neugebauer, Gordon Garmire and Thomas Tombrello made contributions. Each awardee shall be recognized as either a Neugebauer, Garmire or Tombrello Scholar. The Fund was established by France Córdova who received her Ph.D in Physics from Caltech in 1979.

Named Professors are:
Gerry Neugebauer, infrared astronomy
Gordon Garmire, high-energy astronomy instrumentation and the diffuse X-ray background
Thomas Tombrello, experimental physics

2023 - Chandler Conn, Tombrello Scholar
Viraj Karambelkar, Neugebauer Scholar
Emily Silich, Garmire Scholar

2022 - Nitika Yadlapalli, Garmire Scholar
Tony Rodriguez, Neugebauer Scholar
Guochao Sun, Tombrello Scholar

2021 - Honglie Ning, Tombrello Scholar
Yuhan Yao, Garmire Scholar

2020 - Kevin Burdge, Garmire Scholar
Yanjun Xu, Garmire Scholar
             Ivaylo Madjarov, Tombrello Scholar

2019 - Christopher Bochenek, Garmire Scholar
Kishalay De, Neugebauer Scholar
Ivanna Escala, Tombrello Scholar

2018 - Alexander Ridgway, Garmire Scholar
Nicha Leethochawalit, Neugebauer Scholar
Cora Went, Tombrello Scholar

2017  - Anna Ho,  Garmire Scholar
             Brett Cornell, Neugebauer Scholar

2016 - Sarah Gossan, Garmire Scholar
            Michael Eastwood, Neugebauer Scholar
            Dave Aasen, Tombrello Scholar

2015 - Jonathan Blackman, Garmire Scholar
            Trevor David, Neugebauer Scholar
            Javier Duarte, Tombrello Scholar

2014 - Seth Siegel, Garmire Scholar
            Allison Strom, Neugebauer Scholar