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Travel Expenses

The information below is required to obtain assistance with travel expenses during your visit:

Copy of ticket or itinerary showing the $ amount

-You may email an E-ticket or bring a copy to photocopy
-International travel receipts must be in English
-International travelers must provide a valid passport or visa to photocopy
-Only airfare (or Amtrak) costs are reimbursable with proper receipts
-We DO NOT reimburse for taxi or car rental fees, gas, food or other incidentals
-Airport shuttle fees could be covered up to the maximum
-You will be given a Travel Reimbursement Form (pdf) that must be completed at the time of your visit

How we share travel costs with other schools

-West Coast universities often share one trip travel expenses to offset costs
-Typically Caltech shares costs with UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, UCB & Stanford
-International travelers may include East Coast schools in one trip
-Visitors must provide an identical set of receipts to each school visited during one trip
-Include airport shuttle receipts which might be covered if our portion is less than our maximum
-You must inform each school department representative you wish to share travel costs
-All schools included in travel cost sharing must be indicated on the Travel Reimbursement Form (doc)

How your reimbursement is processed

-We will use the information on your Program Reservation Form to set up an account
-Once we have your Travel Form and receipts, your request will be submitted to our Travel Department
-The Travel Department will mail your check usually within 5-7 business days after submission
-Not providing proper receipts will delay the process
-Not providing a complete or correct mailing address will delay the process
-Not providing all schools in a one trip visit with identical receipts will delay the process
-Not providing a travel form or receipts within 30 days will delay the process, your account will be closed
-The physics department will not follow-up with visitors who do not provide required forms or receipts
-Due to the high volume of requests, many checks may not be sent out until early May
-If you do not receive your check by the end of May, send email to Physics Graduate Office

Mail receipts promptly to:
Physics Graduate Office
Caltech 103-33
Pasadena, CA 91125
or via email to the Physics Graduate Office