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LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves for Third Time

Whitney Clavin
Newest LIGO observation provides clues about the spins, and possible origins, of binary black holes.
Artist concept of merging black holes

Origami … in Space!

Manan Arya (PhD ’16) had a space problem with a novel solution.
Manan Arya (PhD ’16)

Caltech Chemical Engineer Explains Oxygen Mystery on Comets

Whitney Clavin
Chemical engineer Konstantinos P. Giapis has figured out a nagging mystery in space—how molecular oxygen is produced on comets.
Diagram showing how molecular oxygen is created

Shining Light Deep into the Brain

Whitney Clavin
Caltech researchers have developed a new type of brain probe based on optical communication technology.
Brain probe compared to a penny

Five from Caltech Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Lori Dajose
Caltech professors and alumni included among the Academy's new members
Logo of the National Academy of Sciences

JPL News: NASA Spacecraft Dives Between Saturn and Its Rings

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is back in contact with Earth after its successful first-ever dive through the narrow gap between the planet Saturn and its rings.
artist's concept of Cassini spacecraft hovering above Saturn's northern hemisphere

Introducing Caltech Magazine

Caltech rolls out a new Institute magazine, in print and online
Magazine cover

Rare Brightening of a Supernova's Light found by Palomar Observatory

Ivona Kostadinova
An international team of astronomers has seen the strong cosmic magnification and multiple images of a class of supernova referred to as "standard candles."
The Hale Telescope

New Quantum Liquid Crystals May Play Role in Future of Computers

Whitney Clavin
First 3-D quantum liquid crystals may have applications in quantum computing.
Patterns from atomic crystals; At right, 3-D quantum liquid crystal

Junior Watson Program Brings Top High School Science Students to Campus

Jon Nalick
For nearly two decades, the program has provided top science students with first-hand exposure to Caltech faculty and their research.
Garreth Ruane, a postdoctoral scholar in astronomy, shows visiting students from South Pasadena High School filtered views of the sun.