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Hopkins Receives Honors from American Astronomical Society

Lori Dajose
Assistant Professor Philip Hopkins has received the Helen B. Warner Prize for Astronomy.

Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet

Kimm Fesenmaier
The giant planet, discovered through mathematical modeling and computer simulations, is nicknamed Planet Nine and traces a bizarre, highly elongated orbit in the outer solar system.
artistic rendering of Planet Nine

An Entangled Evening of Quantum Science

Tom Waldman
Caltech celebrates the past and present of quantum science and considers future possibilities that have the potential to revolution society.

JPL News: NuSTAR Finds Cosmic Clumpy Doughnut Around Black Hole

Scientists at Caltech and JPL have discovered that black holes are surrounded by clumpy rings of gas and dust.

15 for 2015: The Year in Research News at Caltech

Lori Dajose
Here are 15 stories highlighting a few of the discoveries, methods, and technologies that came to life at Caltech in 2015.

Simulation Shows Key to Building Powerful Magnetic Fields

Kimm Fesenmaier
New simulations show how a dynamo in collapsed massive stars can build the strong magnetic fields needed to power extremely energetic blasts.

Dark Matter Dominates in Nearby Dwarf Galaxy

Lori Dajose
A Caltech researcher has measured what could be the highest concentration of dark matter in any known galaxy.

Simon Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Kathy Svitil
The mathematics and theoretical physics professor has been awarded the 2016 Leroy Steele Prize by the American Mathematical Society.
Barry Simon

Two Caltech Alumni Receive Breakthrough Prize

Lori Dajose
Two Caltech alumni, Arthur McDonald (PhD '70) and Ian Agol (BS '92), have been named recipients of 2016 Breakthrough Prize awards.

Celebrating 50 Years of Infrared Astronomy

Douglas Smith
Fifty years ago, Caltech and its self-styled Infrared Army of experimental physicists and astronomers helped to found the discipline of infrared astronomy.