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Caltech Offers Open Online Course on Quantum Cryptography

Robert Perkins
Thousands of students enroll in an online course to study how the laws of quantum mechanics can be used to create secure communications.
photo of Thomas Vidick

Modular Space Telescope Could Be Assembled By Robot

Robert Perkins
Spider-like assembly robots can build a web of trusses that supports an enormous telescope mirror, researchers say.

Recreating Our Galaxy in a Supercomputer

Whitney Clavin
A new simulation of our Milky Way galaxy has solved a decades-old mystery.

Science Communication: A Conversation with Hirosi Ooguri

Whitney Clavin
Hirosi Ooguri recently served as a science advisor for The Man from 9 Dimensions, a 3-dimensional dome movie that follows scientists on a search for a "theory of everything."

Lifetime of Numbers: Q&A with Barry Simon

Whitney Clavin
A special math conference is being held this month in honor of Barry Simon's 70th birthday.

Exploration & Collaboration: The JPL-Caltech Connection

Lori Dajose
Caltech's partnership with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has made possible countless discoveries about our universe. Current Caltech faculty are participants on 12 missions.

Fiona Harrison Honored with Massey Award

Whitney Clavin
Fiona Harrison, principal investigator of NASA's NuSTAR mission, has been selected to receive the 2016 Massey Award.

Ahmed Zewail, 1946–2016

Ahmed Zewail, the Linus Pauling Professor of Chemistry, professor of physics, and director of the Physical Biology Center for Ultrafast Science and Technology at Caltech, passed away on Tuesday, August 2, 2016. He was 70 years old.

Chorus of Black Holes Radiates X-Rays

Whitney Clavin
The NuSTAR mission is identifying which black holes erupt with the highest-energy X-rays.

More Than 100 New Planets Confirmed

Using data from NASA's Kepler spacecraft, scientists have confirmed 104 planets outside of our solar system.