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Astronomical Society of the Pacific Honors Caltech Achievements

Heidi Aspaturian

A constellation of Caltechers has been honored this week by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the world's largest general astronomy society. The ASP announced eight 2010 awards for "excellence in astronomy research and education," four of them recognizing people and programs affiliated with the Caltech community.


The Light and Sound Fantastic

Douglas Smith

Producing coherent light on a microchip is old hat—LED lasers underpin our high-tech world, appearing in gadgets ranging from DVD players and supermarket checkout scanners to digital data lines. A new chip-compatible component developed at Caltech can produce coherent sound as well, and even interconvert the two. Who knows where this marriage of sound and light might lead?


Caltech Receives More than $33 Million from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Jon Weiner

Research in genomic sciences, astronomy, seismology, and neuroeconomics are some of the many projects being funded at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).


Caltech Physicist Named National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellow

Jon Weiner

Caltech's H. Jeff Kimble named National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellow.


Caltech Mourns the Passing of Andrew Lange

Jon Weiner

Physicist Andrew Lange passes away at the age of 52.


Caltech Astronomer Spots Second Smallest Exoplanet

Kathy Svitil

Astronomers from Caltech and other institutions, using the highly sensitive 10-meter Keck I telescope atop Hawaii's Mauna Kea, have detected an extrasolar planet with a mass just four times that of Earth. The planet, which orbits its parent star HD156668 about once every four days, is the second-smallest world among the more than 400 exoplanets (planets located outside our solar system) that have been found to date.