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Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture in Mathematics


The Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture was established by friends and family of the late Leonidas Alaoglu in recognition of his great talents, distinguished contributions to mathematics, and long friendship with Caltech. The Institute is privileged to honor his memory with a lecture each year by an outstanding mathematician.

2024 - Rahul Pandharipande

"Meromorphic functions and modern Abel-Jacobi theory"

2023 - Michael Harris

"Local Langlands Conjectures"

2017 - Daniel Wise

"The Cubical Route to Understanding Groups"

2016 - Barry Mazur

"Relatively Few Rational Points"

2015 - Akshay Venkatesh

"Microlocal analysis on representation and applications to Number Theory"

2014 - Avi Wigderson

"The power of weakness and randomness (when you are short on time)"

2013 - Ian Agol

"The virtual Haken conjecture"

2012 - Spencer Bloch

"Motives associated to configuration spaces, fundamental groups,..."

2011 - Henry Iwaniec

"The Exceptional Character Issues"

2010 - Leonid Polterovich

"Symplectic rigidity and quantum-classical correspondence"

2009 - Nicholas Katz

"Simple Things We Don't Know"

2008 - Karen Vogtmann

"Geometries for automorphism groups of free groups"

2007 - W. Hugh Woodin

"The Universe Beyond (Far Beyond)"

2006 - James Arthur

"Weighted Orbital Integrals and the Langlands Program"

2005 - Gregory Margulis

"Oppenheim conjecture"

2004 - Richard Taylor

"Elliptic curves and modular forms"

2003 - Curtis McMullen


2002 - Yukov Sinai

"Statistical 3x + 1 - problem"

2001 - Michael Atiyah

"Solitions Symmetry and Fullerenes"

2000 - Walter Rudin

"Multivariate Phenomena in Complex Analysis"

1999 - Robert Langlands

"Planar lattice models in statistical mechanics: A mathematicians dreams of an initial theory"

1998 - Robert Steinberg

"A Selective History of Invariant Theory"

1997 - Richard P. Stanley

"Hyperplane arrangements in algebra, combinatorics, geometry and topology"

1996 - Serge Lang

"Regularized Harmonic Series in Number Theory"

1995 - Lennart Carleson

"Can We Trust Computer-Generated Images?"

1994 - William P. Thurston

"On the Communication and Understanding of Mathematics"

1993 - H. Jerome Keisler

"A Method of Proof by Approximation"

1992 - Robert E. Tarjan

"Binary Trees"

1991 - Harold M. Stark

"Two Centuries of Quadratic Fields"

1990 - Andrew Odlyzko

"Primes, Quantum Chaos and Computers"

1989 - Ralph P. Boas

"The Harmonic Series: Applications and Unsolved Problems"

1988 - Shizuo Kakutani

"The Role of Weak Topology in Functional Analysis"

1987 - Edwin Hewitt

1986 - Ian Niven

1985 - Paul Halmos

1984 - Irving Kaplansky

1983 - Paul Erdös

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