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Thomas Wolff Memorial Lectures in Mathematics


The Thomas Wolff lectures were established by the family of Thomas Wolff to honor his memory. Professor Wolff, a talented and insightful analyst, spent 18 years at Caltech nurturing the talents of young mathematicians. The Institute is privileged to honor his memory with a series of lectures each year by an outstanding mathematician working in analysis.

2024 - Jason Miller

"Random planar curves"

"Random surfaces"

"Liouville quantum gravity and SLE"

2019 - Alexei Poltoratski

"Gap and Type problems in Fourier analysis"

2017 - Mikhail Lyubich

"Dynamics of Quadratic Polynomials, Complex and Real"

"Renormalization and Universality"

"Regular or Stochastic Dichotomy"

"Advances towards MLC"

"Area and Hausdorff Dimension of Julia Sets"

2016 - Peter Jones

"Sets of Measure Zero and the Converse to Rademacher's Theorem: Part 1"

"Sets of Measure Zero and the Converse to Rademacher's Theorem: Part 2"

"New Results of Bounded, Complete Minimal Surfaces"

2015 - Alessio Figalli

"Regularity for the Monge-Ampère equation, with applications to the semigeostrophic equations"

2014 - Gregory Lawler

"Random Walks and their Scaling Limits"

2013 - Horng-Tzer Yau

"Universality of random matrices"

"Dyson Brownian Motion and the proof of Wigner-Dyson-Gaudin-Mehta conjecture"

"Coulomb Gases and De Giorgi-Nash-Moser theory of parabolic regularity"

2011 - Stanislav Smirnov

"Discrete Complex Analysis and Probability"

2011 - Wilhelm Schlag

"Invariant manifolds and dispersive Hamiltonian evolution equations"

2010 - Percy Deift

"Integrable systems: a modern view"

2009 - Andrei Okounkov

"The algebra and geometry of random surfaces"

2008 - Artur Avila

"Renormalization and quasiperiodicity in some low-dimensional dynamical systems"

2007 - Ben Green

"Freiman's Theorem"

"Gowers Norms and Nilsequence"

"Arithmetic Progressions"

"Patterns of Primes"

2006 - Peter Sarnak

"Equidistribution, groups and primes"

2005 - Wendelin Werner

"Two-dimensional continuous random systems"

2004 - Jean Bourgain

"New encounters in combinatorial number theory"

2003 - Terrence Tao

"Longtime behavior of semilinear dispersive equations"

2001 - Charles Fefferman

"Sharp fronts for incompressible fluids"

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