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Victor M. Blanco Fellowship Recipients

The Victor M. Blanco Fellowship is awarded annually to provide summer research support for a student, participating in the LIGO SURF program, who identifies as Hispanic. This fellowship, sponsored by the National Society of Hispanic Physicists, is named after astronomer Victor Manuel Blanco.

2018 - Guadalupe Quirarte, Harvey Mudd College
            Sky Soltero, Cypress College
            Vinicius Wagner, Palm Beach State College

2017 - Cierra Coughlin, Columbia University
            Dane Stocks, Stanford University

2016 - Michael Anita, University of Central Florida
            Danielle Frostig, Harvard University

2015 - Ignacio Magana, University of California Santa Barbara
           Jessica Pena, University of Chicago

2014 - Sara Frederick, University of Rochester

2013 - Juan Castillo, University of Texas at El Paso
            Karla Guardado, MIT
            Gabriela Hernandez, Georgia State University